1. Tag Cloud

    Popular Searches


    A tag cloud is a small summary of tags used throughout your website and can be implemented for several reasons: as an alternative navigation, to provide a quick overview of the website, article, pictures and an attempt to give the SEO (search engine optimization) a boost.Using tag cloud shows you the major words found in the most recent searches and their occurrence frequency in relation to each other.The larger sizes of a particular word,the more is the number of searches.

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2. Search as Parents

    Search as parents is divided into two parts:

    1. Keyword

    2. Services

    Select one of them from the options given in the tab. You can type anything you want in the space given and click the search button.


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3. Search as Professionals

    In Professional, there is another type of search in addition to the parent i.e., the SFPF/TIPS based search.SFPF is Strengthening Families Protective Factors and TIPS is Teaching Important Parenting Skills



    In the Professional SFPF/TIPS based search,a community resource guide is available for you.You can click on the section related to the field you want to search.

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B. Navigate Search Results

    When you search for any topic or a word related to what you're looking, for example, Doctor is the keyword you want to search.Type the word in the space given and hit the search button.The results are shown on the next page and a google map is shown along with it.The organization will be displayed along with the city and county.


    1. Record Details

    2. Sort Details

    3. Filter Details

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1. Record Details

    You can also search based on the organization or city or county you want.

    For an organization, left click the left button. A small screen will display two tabs.

    1. Information.It contains its ID,organization name,address and phone no.

    2. Services.It contains Services,SPFP and Domain details.


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2. Sort Details

    For city or county,left click the city.A small screen will display.You can also sort in any order you want i.e.,ascending order , descending order, group by the column itself and remove sort. The sort can be based on organization, zip code or county.


    For quick sort, Click any of the three tabs (Organization, city or county). The first click it will sort in ascending, second click in descending and third click in random.

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3. Filter Details

    To filter results:

    1. Point to category you wish to filter by (Organization, City, or County). Downward pointing arrow should appear.

    2. Left click said arrow to access filtering menu for this category.

    3. You can filter on one of the tabs below where it says show rows where: and click the downward pointing arrow for options to match your requirements. Click filter for filtering and clear to remove.


    For filtering city, type in the city you wish to look for. In the example I want to search for doctors in Cabot or Little Rock.


    Click filter and the result will display along with the locations in the maps.

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C. Getting Ready for School

    This publication is a comprehensive set of school readiness indicators to inform public policy for young children and their families.

    Click on anyone of these publications for further details. These publication reports are from the year 2007.

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